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For ages their have been all types of slang and code words that children have used for generations. With the age and explosion of the internet, social networking, and Instant Messaging if you have a teenager you may barely be able to understand the words that come from their mouths.  So I am going to inform you of a new term that is going around and I encourage you to talk to your teens about it. The term “VCard” is being used by boys and girls. No it’s not something for their netbook or Xbox. What a VCard actually is, is your child’s virginity. So if you hear kids/teens talking about collecting VCards, or possibly giving up their VCards this is what they are referring to. With the rates of Teenage Pregnancies and transmissions of STD’, self-esteem issues etc. It is so important that we talk to our kids about sex. They are exposed to it everyday via TV, the Newspaper, in School and it’s not something that is going to go away. I ask you to share this information with other parents so we can all start to be a little more informed about the life of our Teens.




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