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To those of you who have followed my blog I would like to say Thank You! I have been working for the last 2 months on figuring out a new venture for myself and I have a launched a Gourmet Gift Business. About 7 years ago I had a very successful gift Basket Business but it outgrew my 1 bedroom apartment and I didn’t have the money nor the resources to expand so I called it quits and took a 9-5, A few weeks ago I brought in some chocolate covered pretzels as a treat for my coworkers and it has been a real success. So it made me think about what I had left behind years ago and the joy I used to get from creating something, and coming up with out of the box gifts for people. So I have decided to return to that. I have a website in the works http://treatsbythediva.com, and I have been taking orders via word of mouth, phone or email TreatsByTheDiva@gmail.com I am so excited to be back in the busy of making something that makes others happy including myself! I thank you all for the support, I will continue to write on this blog and keep you up to date! You can check out the Facebook Page Treats By The Diva for news and contests!

Thanks Again,

Ms. T. Crawford

Treats By The Diva


I am all for supporting new restaurants especially if they know how to make a great cocktail and have a good dessert selection. A new place just opened near me and I decided to try it out tonight! OMG!! Peaches Hot House is my new favorite place in Brooklyn. First off how cool is the name? Secondly the  food is amazing! While during laundry and errands today I decided to stop in and order something. I ordered the Low Country Rice Bowl which had Sweet Blue Crab, Corn, Tomatoes and a spicy sauce. It was so damn good! I mean like eat it slow because you want to savor it good.The prices are reasonable and the selections change every day. They will start to serve brunch in May and are still working out some kinks and learning who their customers will be. If you are in the mood for Soul Food with a kick and fresh ingredients you have to give this place a try. You can BYOB until the liquor license kicks in Starters range from $5-$8 and Mains are $10-$17 great selection for meat and non meat eaters! The weather is getting nice so venture out and give Peaches Hot House a try!!

Peaches Hot House

415 Tompkins Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11216


Thursdays are usually me and J’s day to just hang out a little late and o free me from the kitchen by going out to eat. When I first started using Twitter (you can follow me @DivaMomNYC) I was immediately overwhelmed. There were some things I didn’t get. I couldn’t tell the difference between a HashTag and a Hashbrown but eventually I am got the hang of it. I have met some cool peeps. One in particular owns the CrossTown Diner in the Bronx. You can follow him @Crosstowndiner he had read my blog and was giving me feedback which I always appreciate. I checked out his website and it dawned on me I had eaten at this place years ago. I told him I remembered dining there and enjoyed it, so I would stop in again. On a Thursday a few weeks ago me and J headed to Crosstown. Now I don’t live in the Bronx anymore so this was a bit of a hike. We take the subway and the bus to get there, we are seated immediately. I ask if “Bill” is around. Might as well put a name to a Tweet I thought. Like what the heck is it all for if you are never going to meet the people? So the waitress said she would check, she proceeds to take our order. I have breakfast Corned Beef Hash with Eggs over Medium and Coffee. J has Mozzarella sticks and Pancakes. I don’t get it either so don’t ask! As we talk about our day and eat, I am looking at the others patrons around us. For the most part there were a few families there out for dinner with the kids. We both enjoyed our food and were sleepy right afterwards but we had to make the trek back to Brooklyn so no sleep for us. Like the song says “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”. Bill comes over and introduces himself I give my real name and then my Twitter name. He thanks me for coming and asks was everything to our liking. I tell him everything was great and thanks for taking the time to come and say Hi! He says his goodbye and me and J proceed to get ready to leave. I ask the waitress for the check and she informs me that “Billy” has taken care of it! Well I was stunned. Really I said? J exclaimed how cool is that? She walks away and I leave a generous tip, she comes back to our table with a bag containing 2 cakes. 1 Oreo cheesecake and 1 strawberry shortcake. Well that just put me over the top! I am a sucker for dessert. CrossTown Diner is more than a place for you to go and grab a burger its a place for you to be welcomed and enjoy your burger. The people here treat you like family. We live in such a grab and go society its great to sit down with your kid to talk and enjoy a great meal! The food is Awesome and the service is Awesomer!! It is worth the trip to the Bronx! Definitely check them out and tell them I sent you!


2880 Brucker Blvd

Bronx, NY 10465




I was born and raised in the Bronx  I moved to Brooklyn in September of ’09 and over the years I have noticed some considerable changes some good and some just downright horrible. There are a few that bother me the most because they affect children and that’s Asthma, Obesity and Depression rates in the Bronx. I have never had to deal with either and neither has my child but it really bothers me to see this so rampant in my community. Who is to blame? That’s the unanswered question the reasons are endless. For example Obesity some may say that’s the fault of the parent because they are feeding the child and in a way they are right. My question is what about the Whole Foods and the Trader Joes of the world why don’t they come into these communities and offer their products to this community which clearly needs to be educated on healthy eating habits and options? They would say well they can’t afford our products, or that’s not our demographic. I don’t know what the answer is I am guessing. I will be writing letters to both companies to ask though. While out last weekend I took a walk that spanned about 22 blocks from 199Th and the Grand Concourse to 172ND and the Concourse and what I noticed was horrendous. Not one healthy option for food Popeye’s, KFC,Burger King, McDonald’s,Countless Kennedy Fried Chickens and Chinese takeout spots among other things. In the grocery stores the things that are bad for you are cheaper than the healthy options.. How is that possible? Vegetables and Fruit prices are through the roof and no one in their right mind would by it so they choose just not to give their child vegetables or fruits. White Bread is cheaper than Whole Wheat. I can go on and on about this and I will trust me. Just not today. Basically what I am going to do is raise some awareness about these conditions when you can hop on the train and go maybe 20 minutes into Manhattan or Riverdale and have Organic,Healthy,Natural food options literally smacking you in the face every where you turn I think its sad and I think the problem belongs to all of us….So not only with words will I be spreading my message but also through pictures and hopefully once I get it to the right person someone can start to take action…


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