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I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Fitsmi.com a website devoted to helping Teen girls overcome issues with Obesity. I am an advocate for healthy eating in areas that are on the low-end of the socioeconomic totem pole. Unfortunately the South Bronx is on the top of that list check out the interview here http://www.fitsmi.com/moms/our-blogs/mastermind-monday/2010/04/30/the-south-bronx-diet-stacked-against-you/ there is a lot of work to be done.  The culture of this area needs to change and one of the major ways we can do that is by educating people. The article was also selected as an Editor’s Pick on Open.Salon.com http://open.salon.com/blog/divamomnyc/2010/05/03/the_south_bronx_diet_stacked_against_you

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I was born and raised in the Bronx  I moved to Brooklyn in September of ’09 and over the years I have noticed some considerable changes some good and some just downright horrible. There are a few that bother me the most because they affect children and that’s Asthma, Obesity and Depression rates in the Bronx. I have never had to deal with either and neither has my child but it really bothers me to see this so rampant in my community. Who is to blame? That’s the unanswered question the reasons are endless. For example Obesity some may say that’s the fault of the parent because they are feeding the child and in a way they are right. My question is what about the Whole Foods and the Trader Joes of the world why don’t they come into these communities and offer their products to this community which clearly needs to be educated on healthy eating habits and options? They would say well they can’t afford our products, or that’s not our demographic. I don’t know what the answer is I am guessing. I will be writing letters to both companies to ask though. While out last weekend I took a walk that spanned about 22 blocks from 199Th and the Grand Concourse to 172ND and the Concourse and what I noticed was horrendous. Not one healthy option for food Popeye’s, KFC,Burger King, McDonald’s,Countless Kennedy Fried Chickens and Chinese takeout spots among other things. In the grocery stores the things that are bad for you are cheaper than the healthy options.. How is that possible? Vegetables and Fruit prices are through the roof and no one in their right mind would by it so they choose just not to give their child vegetables or fruits. White Bread is cheaper than Whole Wheat. I can go on and on about this and I will trust me. Just not today. Basically what I am going to do is raise some awareness about these conditions when you can hop on the train and go maybe 20 minutes into Manhattan or Riverdale and have Organic,Healthy,Natural food options literally smacking you in the face every where you turn I think its sad and I think the problem belongs to all of us….So not only with words will I be spreading my message but also through pictures and hopefully once I get it to the right person someone can start to take action…


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