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Hello everyone I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. I hope everyone is well and I promise to update you all soon. I am asking that you check out my new blog on wordpress called TheDivaThatDoes.



To those of you who have followed my blog I would like to say Thank You! I have been working for the last 2 months on figuring out a new venture for myself and I have a launched a Gourmet Gift Business. About 7 years ago I had a very successful gift Basket Business but it outgrew my 1 bedroom apartment and I didn’t have the money nor the resources to expand so I called it quits and took a 9-5, A few weeks ago I brought in some chocolate covered pretzels as a treat for my coworkers and it has been a real success. So it made me think about what I had left behind years ago and the joy I used to get from creating something, and coming up with out of the box gifts for people. So I have decided to return to that. I have a website in the works http://treatsbythediva.com, and I have been taking orders via word of mouth, phone or email TreatsByTheDiva@gmail.com I am so excited to be back in the busy of making something that makes others happy including myself! I thank you all for the support, I will continue to write on this blog and keep you up to date! You can check out the Facebook Page Treats By The Diva for news and contests!

Thanks Again,

Ms. T. Crawford

Treats By The Diva

So I have been agonizing over what to write for the last few weeks because I have felt uninspired. There have been so many things going in my life whether its been work related, or personal that have literally left me mentally drained. To be honest it has left me spent, to the point where I haven’t been able to think about anything else. 

Last Friday I was off from work because I needed to take care of something with my son. (Something I will get into in a later post). After our appointment we returned home to just relax and my son tells me that he read on Facebook on of his classmates died. I am dumbfounded because I had just seen the child the day before. So I call the school, and the information is confirmed. I am in shock, then I was told to turn on the news. Now I’m confused. What happened? I ask. I’m told again turn on the news. I put on the TV and there is the face I see everyday, speak to, hear her voice in the hallways, or her laugh. My next emotion was pain. She was murdered.. stabbed to be exact by her mother’s boyfriend over 20 times. I can’t even put into words what I feel. I still can’t. What makes this situation unique is because I happen to work in my son’s school so not only do I have a special relationship with him, I have relationships with a lot of his friends and other kids.

How do you explain something like this to a child? As an adult I don’t even understand it. There are so many questions that are now left unanswered, so many things that could have been. Emonee was a bright girl, full of life and full of spunk. She was mature in a lot of ways, in some ways more than girls older than her.  I am glad I never shut her out. I am happy that my door was always open for her and anyone else that wants to walk in. I will miss her laugh, I will miss the questions she would love to ask me about love and boys, I will miss seeing her argue with her friends and making up 5 minutes later. 

I treasure these things with a heavy heart, but I am thankful.I wish I could write more but I physically can’t put 2 sentences together at the moment. I promise to keep you informed about my efforts to continue helping children and keeping Emonee’s spirit alive. If you have not read the tragic details of this story  you can read the story here http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/22/nyregion/22stab.html

Love Your Children and Others


For ages their have been all types of slang and code words that children have used for generations. With the age and explosion of the internet, social networking, and Instant Messaging if you have a teenager you may barely be able to understand the words that come from their mouths.  So I am going to inform you of a new term that is going around and I encourage you to talk to your teens about it. The term “VCard” is being used by boys and girls. No it’s not something for their netbook or Xbox. What a VCard actually is, is your child’s virginity. So if you hear kids/teens talking about collecting VCards, or possibly giving up their VCards this is what they are referring to. With the rates of Teenage Pregnancies and transmissions of STD’, self-esteem issues etc. It is so important that we talk to our kids about sex. They are exposed to it everyday via TV, the Newspaper, in School and it’s not something that is going to go away. I ask you to share this information with other parents so we can all start to be a little more informed about the life of our Teens.



I have a 14-year-old son and there are 3 things in his life he can not live without. Food, Video Games, Video Games and oh yea did I mention Video Games? Growing up I was addicted to my Atari2600 I played it for hours on end. Whether it was trying to get to the end of Pac Man, or racing through the crappy graphics of Pole Position I loved my Video Games. I am an only child so other than books, TV and school Video Games were my entertainment and escape. Now fast forward 20 years video games have exploded! The graphics are a thousand times better, the scenarios are realistic, you can even play with people and not be in the same room, or the same country for that matter. Way cooler than rescuing the princess from Bowser any day. There have been a lot of studies conducted on the effects that these games have on children. A lot of the best games are violent, and have strong language thus the warning labels. I have heard of cases of kids playing games for days straight without any sleep. This is a damaging occurence, kids need to sleep. I have asked my son and several of his friends why they play video games and the answers I got were quite interesting. Most said the games offered a release for them now as an adult let’s think of some of the things we do for a release from stress, work, etc I don’t know about you but Sex is the first thing that comes to mind along with drinking! I didn’t say every adult does these things I just said the first things that came to my mind. Next they said the games offered them entertainment well that’s a given. They like the fact that in these games they can do things that they can’t yet do in real life like drive, go to clubs etc. I asked about the violence and does it have an impact on how violent they are? They said no. The fact that they play these games and a lot of the games are violent it actually has the opposite affect on them in real life. They also said that the games give them confidence. I asked in what way? With some games you are allowed to get achievements which allows you to earn gamer points the more points you have in a particular game the better you must be so you get bragging rights and other gamers envy you. So in real life you could be Nerdy James Smith but in Borderlands you could be Slayer718 (gamer tag) basically an alter ego. I don’t think all games are bad a huge part of why me and my son can discuss certain genres of music is because of a playing RockBand and Guitar Hero together. After all how is the time they spend on games any different from the amount of time we spend on Twitter, Facebook or Blogging? I will agree that as with anything else they should be monitored and played in moderation. Also the content of the game should be at the discretion of the parents. So next time you get at your kids for being on the games think about what you are doing at that moment? Were you yelling from the computer or while you were tweeting on your blackberry? Think about what video games you were playing at their age. Lastly for a second think “What if what they do in video games were actually what they were doing in real life”? Maybe once in a while play with your kids and see if you share the same thoughts and feelings when you play these games regardless of the result at minimum you will open a new door and coversation.



Join me tomorrow as I will be a guest on Writer’s Life Chats with host Kisha Green. The show starts at 8pm if you would like to listen or call in with your comments. If you are not familiar with Street Lit you can check out my earlier post to gain some knowledge http://bit.ly/cjEFSF I am excited and curious to see what others have to say on this topic.Peace,


It’s always a great and exciting time to travel. Going to a new place,seeing family maybe hitting the beach for some sun. There are always things to do to get ready for a trip and when you are taking the kids that list gets even longer. As I woke my son up this morning for our trip I decided to write this list so you have him to thank!

1- Let the kids pack their own bag. Tell them how long they are staying and the weather where you are going and let them handle it. You can double-check if necessary.  If the older ones have cell phones, iPods,games etc that they want to take make it their responsibility to charge them an bring whatever accessories they may need. This will teach them responsibility and will make any trip that you are going to take a little easier. Also have them include a sandwich or snack they can take along because prices in travel hubs can get pricey especially if you have a large family.

2- Designate a bag that will contain tickets, passports,keys,emergency cash, contact numbers,medicine etc. Pack this bag ahead of time and put it inside your purse. If you have a husband that can handle the pressure of screaming kids, dirty diapers,and going through TSA without freaking out then make this his responsibility. If not make room in your purse!

3-Take showers/baths the night before and lay out travel clothes.  This saves time in the morning and if your teen is like mine and hates to wake up early have them get dressed before bed

4-Everyone is responsible for carrying their own bag. If they can walk and talk they can carry. There are many choices for toddler luggage and bags even if it’s not their full suitcase have them carry something. Little ones love feeling empowered give them responsibility no matter how small and for older ones well they just need to know that mom can’t do everything. I can’t tell you how many times I am in an airport and mom has the tickets, the luggage, the screaming baby, and she is still trying to make sure everything gets done! Delegate ladies! Delegate!!

5- Reward the helpful child! If you have more than 1 child chances are you have one that likes to plan or organize make this your helper! And if they do a  good job reward them! This will make the other kids step up and want to take action,let them know they can help out on the next trip.

6-If you are traveling with babies make sure you have diapers, food, formula, blanket, bibs , pacifier,change of clothes, changing pad etc. Make sure to put this bag with #3 the last thing you want is to remember you packed your kids bottles and diapers and its been checked with the luggage. I’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty.

7- If you are taking a bus,car,train trip make it a teachable moment, you can play I Spy, talk about geography or famous places. Start a conversation.

8- If you are stressed the kids will be stressed. Kids pick up on our energy try to make sure you get a good night’s  rest, and eat before a long trip. If mama ain’t happy nobody’s happy.

9-When traveling with babies or toddlers be mindful of people around you. If your kid starts screaming or having a tantrum if you can’t calm them down and you have the ability to move around change their setting and try to calm them down. Also if you need to discipline an older child keep in mind you are in a public and captive space. I say this all the time there are people who do not like children and guess what they travel! If you get the evil eye,or even a comment just suck it up. People don’t want to hear that she/he is cranky or missed their nap. Also do not turn the train/bus into your personal playground,bedroom or nursery. I’m on Amtrak right now and there is a woman walking her screaming baby up and down the aisle and looks annoyed when people pass her. There is another who has a toddler that she is allowing to push her toy doll stroller around. The Attendant just told her she has to fold it up and she looks confused as to why. If you want to bring a travel size blanket or pillow that’s fine but don’t turn these spaces into your bedroom away from home.

10- This is the most important! Have fun! Enjoy your family and take lots of pictures!



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