Maybe we hate on our kids Video Games because they were better than ours?

Posted on: April 13, 2010

I have a 14-year-old son and there are 3 things in his life he can not live without. Food, Video Games, Video Games and oh yea did I mention Video Games? Growing up I was addicted to my Atari2600 I played it for hours on end. Whether it was trying to get to the end of Pac Man, or racing through the crappy graphics of Pole Position I loved my Video Games. I am an only child so other than books, TV and school Video Games were my entertainment and escape. Now fast forward 20 years video games have exploded! The graphics are a thousand times better, the scenarios are realistic, you can even play with people and not be in the same room, or the same country for that matter. Way cooler than rescuing the princess from Bowser any day. There have been a lot of studies conducted on the effects that these games have on children. A lot of the best games are violent, and have strong language thus the warning labels. I have heard of cases of kids playing games for days straight without any sleep. This is a damaging occurence, kids need to sleep. I have asked my son and several of his friends why they play video games and the answers I got were quite interesting. Most said the games offered a release for them now as an adult let’s think of some of the things we do for a release from stress, work, etc I don’t know about you but Sex is the first thing that comes to mind along with drinking! I didn’t say every adult does these things I just said the first things that came to my mind. Next they said the games offered them entertainment well that’s a given. They like the fact that in these games they can do things that they can’t yet do in real life like drive, go to clubs etc. I asked about the violence and does it have an impact on how violent they are? They said no. The fact that they play these games and a lot of the games are violent it actually has the opposite affect on them in real life. They also said that the games give them confidence. I asked in what way? With some games you are allowed to get achievements which allows you to earn gamer points the more points you have in a particular game the better you must be so you get bragging rights and other gamers envy you. So in real life you could be Nerdy James Smith but in Borderlands you could be Slayer718 (gamer tag) basically an alter ego. I don’t think all games are bad a huge part of why me and my son can discuss certain genres of music is because of a playing RockBand and Guitar Hero together. After all how is the time they spend on games any different from the amount of time we spend on Twitter, Facebook or Blogging? I will agree that as with anything else they should be monitored and played in moderation. Also the content of the game should be at the discretion of the parents. So next time you get at your kids for being on the games think about what you are doing at that moment? Were you yelling from the computer or while you were tweeting on your blackberry? Think about what video games you were playing at their age. Lastly for a second think “What if what they do in video games were actually what they were doing in real life”? Maybe once in a while play with your kids and see if you share the same thoughts and feelings when you play these games regardless of the result at minimum you will open a new door and coversation.




6 Responses to "Maybe we hate on our kids Video Games because they were better than ours?"

your artical attract my eyes balls. and there always point of view!

William Thomson

Thanks for reading and commenting! Thats what I am here for! To offer a new point of view.. 🙂

I love games, because they’re fun, exciting, challenging, and also it’s quite contrary in reality (in games, I die a lot but in reality, I hold my life dearly). Yep, it’s all about entertainment, I’ll strongly agree with that! 😀

My first game console was Sega in 1994, my father bought it for us to have fun, and I played my first game and it was Sonic 3. Love the Blue Hedgehog :DD

Yes Sonic was the joint back in the day!! I I had Atari but my best friend had Sega and Coleco Vision. Remember Coleco Vision???? Damn I’m old! There are a few games I like now but the darn controllers confuse me! Too many buttons and features. Its a little hard to get used to but I play some with my son once in a while and he gets a kick out of teaching me.

I so love that the Wii has the Mario Brothers game. I love it but my son uses me to play with him because he knows I will die firt, thus leaving him to get further in his progresson to finish the game.

Ha! Smart kid.. Thats another thing I appreciate about games now especially the Wii with Mario it bridges a generational gap between the parent and child. So many stories I have told my son about my days playing games. One in particular was playing Mario and had made it to the last board to save the princess but I needed to go to school so I turned the TV but left the game console on. By the time I got back home my grandmother turned off the console so I had to start all over! Thus the invention of Memory Cards! He gets a kick out of that one.

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