I’m Baaaaack!! Did you Miss Me?

Posted on: April 12, 2010

After the stress I have been going through I decided me and my son needed a vacation so last week we took off and went to North Carolina via Amtrak. I was a little worried that J would be bored on the train for 10 hours but he was great and actually slept most of the way there. We arrived in Greensboro to spend time with family. I always enjoy going to the South. People are nicer, the air is cleaner and no one is in a rush. My cousin has a son close to my sons age but this was the first time they would meet. I was  little worried because J can be anti social. Not in a bad way but as he calls it he is just an “inside person”. After the first 20 minutes of Novelty they were inseparable. They played video games, listened to music, played basketball, played with the dogs and shared a lot of laughs it was such a great feeling and an awesome trip. It amazes that outside of NYC people actually seem happy where they live. My cousin lives in a complex with 3 br and 2 full bathrooms etc and pays $643 a month he almost passed out when I told him I was paying $1200 for a 1 bedroom. We stayed out there for 5 days and I brought J back to NY and caught a flight to New Orleans 4 hours later. When it comes to traveling I can be a bit unconventional but there is just something about it. I love airports, I like watching planes take off and wonder where they are headed. I like seeing people excited because they get to leave normalcy and enjoy life if only momentarily. So my first flight was to Houston and I had to get a connecting flight to NOLA all was well! The flight to NOLA was on a Continental Jet and i must say the stewardess was AWESOME!! 1 Stewardess for the whole flight! It had to be the tiniest plane I have ever been on in my life. I arrive in NOLA around 1130pm and I go to retrieve my bag. I stand there and watch the carousel go around and around and NO bag! An agent comes over and says all the bags have come out, I tell him that my bag wasn’t on there. He walks me to the office and scans my boarding pass and informs me that my gate checked bag didn’t make it on the flight. Huh? I dont bother to question it, I ask when will it arrive he tells me it will be on a flight that leaves out at 8:15am. I leave my contact info and the name of the place I am staying and say a prayer and walk away. I hop in a cab to the French Quarter to meet some of my coworkers who had also traveled there. If you have never been to NOLA taxi fares are regulated so from the airport to anywhere in the French Quarter is $33. I meet them at a bar called Cosimos http://www.yelp.com/biz/cosimos-new-orleans it was a nice neigborhood bar and it has TV’s and a pool table. Lots of space but it wasn’t too crowded while we were there. After we left we decided to walk to the infamous Bourbon Street. Wow oh Wow! The goings  on there are both frightening  and  awesome! I have to admit though being from NY and seeing drunk people fall in the streets on any given day I was over that part pretty quick. I did enjoy that people seemed free and comfortable in their own skin. I was hungry so I decided to buy a Lucky Dog from one of the street vendors http://www.luckydogs.us/ pretty good but a very chancy purchase considering what time it was. As I was walking and eating my Lucky Dog I was followed by a man who asked if I was a teacher? I responded no! He says you would make a Hot Teacher. Umm yea ok! I quickly dip into a club called Krazy Korner http://www.krazykorner.com/ which is justified. It is on a corner and its crazy! I hung around for a little bit and danced but decided to leave. I had to crazy with one of my coworkers since my RSVP wasn’t until the next day. I decide to call it a night and crash. The next morning I go downstairs to get a map to find out how to get where I am staying and all I can say is what an Effing hike!!! I felt like I walked forever I was staying on Marigny street at The Olde Town Inn http://www.oldetowninn.com/ when I finally reached the Inn I was already excited because of the atmosphere. It was colorful, inviting and fun! There is a piano in the lobby with a Giant Kermit the Frog sitting at it. I was greeted by the day manager who was super nice. He showed me around to my room which for $60 a night was worth the price. Make sure if you stay here to decide which room you want and to choose carefully. There are 3 rooms that share a bathroom I chose this option because I was traveling alone and to be honest I wasn’t sharing with anyone until the day before I left so it worked fine! They also serve breakfast downstairs from 7am-10am. The place is really chill and quiet and pets are welcome! A very friendly and fun place. If you are looking for a Marriott then this is not the place for you. when I travel alone I tend to want a place with more character and a lived in comfort. I decide to lay down for a nap and I get a phone call that my luggage is on its way.! Yay I thought to myself, I can take a shower put on some fresh clothes and go out and see what NOLA has to offer. I ended up taking a nap and being awakened by the front desk informing me my luggage had arrived. I dashed down the stairs and ran to the office. When i get there the manager points to a beat up black briefcase on the floor and says heres your luggage.  I respond “that’s not my luggage!” I started to go all kinds of ape shit and burst into tears when he walks away and comes back with my real bag and shouts “April Fooooools’!! in a cheery southern drawl. I almost wet my pants from laughter. It made me feel so at ease and took a load off it also reconfirmed that I was on VACATION! I went back to my  room, showered and got ready. I decided to walk around the neighborhood to see what I could find. I walked and walked I think it’s a New York thing. Anyway I ended up hitting pay dirt. I discovered so many local restaurants, bars, shops and place to hang out and hear some great music. I had beer boiled Crawfish, tons of beer (which was more than half the price I would pay in NY) met some great people and learned a lot about the history and culture of New Orleans. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

Happy Travels,



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