CrossTown Diner! Yumoliciousness!

Posted on: March 26, 2010

Thursdays are usually me and J’s day to just hang out a little late and o free me from the kitchen by going out to eat. When I first started using Twitter (you can follow me @DivaMomNYC) I was immediately overwhelmed. There were some things I didn’t get. I couldn’t tell the difference between a HashTag and a Hashbrown but eventually I am got the hang of it. I have met some cool peeps. One in particular owns the CrossTown Diner in the Bronx. You can follow him @Crosstowndiner he had read my blog and was giving me feedback which I always appreciate. I checked out his website and it dawned on me I had eaten at this place years ago. I told him I remembered dining there and enjoyed it, so I would stop in again. On a Thursday a few weeks ago me and J headed to Crosstown. Now I don’t live in the Bronx anymore so this was a bit of a hike. We take the subway and the bus to get there, we are seated immediately. I ask if “Bill” is around. Might as well put a name to a Tweet I thought. Like what the heck is it all for if you are never going to meet the people? So the waitress said she would check, she proceeds to take our order. I have breakfast Corned Beef Hash with Eggs over Medium and Coffee. J has Mozzarella sticks and Pancakes. I don’t get it either so don’t ask! As we talk about our day and eat, I am looking at the others patrons around us. For the most part there were a few families there out for dinner with the kids. We both enjoyed our food and were sleepy right afterwards but we had to make the trek back to Brooklyn so no sleep for us. Like the song says “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”. Bill comes over and introduces himself I give my real name and then my Twitter name. He thanks me for coming and asks was everything to our liking. I tell him everything was great and thanks for taking the time to come and say Hi! He says his goodbye and me and J proceed to get ready to leave. I ask the waitress for the check and she informs me that “Billy” has taken care of it! Well I was stunned. Really I said? J exclaimed how cool is that? She walks away and I leave a generous tip, she comes back to our table with a bag containing 2 cakes. 1 Oreo cheesecake and 1 strawberry shortcake. Well that just put me over the top! I am a sucker for dessert. CrossTown Diner is more than a place for you to go and grab a burger its a place for you to be welcomed and enjoy your burger. The people here treat you like family. We live in such a grab and go society its great to sit down with your kid to talk and enjoy a great meal! The food is Awesome and the service is Awesomer!! It is worth the trip to the Bronx! Definitely check them out and tell them I sent you!


2880 Brucker Blvd

Bronx, NY 10465





2 Responses to "CrossTown Diner! Yumoliciousness!"

Okay,honestly a relative owns the place right?Cause I live around the corner and I would rather chew on a shoe than eat there!

Ryan, Thanks for reading and commenting. To answer your question No a relative does not own this place. I am not sure how many places you have eaten at in the Bronx but the quality, and hospitality of most places leaves a lot to be desired. I have lived in the Bronx my whole life and have just recently moved to Brooklyn and when I lived in the Bronx I didn’t eat there. I always went to Manhattan or Williamsburg. I am sorry you don’t share my opinion so we can agree to disagree. What are some of your places you like to eat??


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