Listen To Your Body

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Yesterday I had to go to the cardiologist because I have been having some breathing issues and pains. I went through a routine exam and also an EKG, Stress Test and Sonogram. The results of the Sonogram showed that my heart is pumping normally and is strong it was kind of cool to see my heart on the screen. The stress test was a little more intense and after a few minutes on the treadmill I needed to stop because I was out of breath. My results were normal with this as well! During the EKG there were some irregularities so they took some blood to screen for other issues and I have to wear a heart monitor for a week. That should be interesting. I joke with my son all the time that NY will kill you slowly. We are always in a rush, everything is urgent, too many people, things are so expensive you are constantly in a situation where those things you need may have to wait sometimes food is included. It is a very beautiful city we have parks, trees, access to everything but it comes with a heavy price tag. Not only will NY drain your wallet it will also drain your body. I will keep you guys posted on my condition and also my progress of possibly leaving the Big Apple for good.


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