Why Women Cheat???? I went all the way to Delaware to find out….

Posted on: March 24, 2010

A friend of mine invited me to go see a play entitled “Why Women Cheat”. At first I thought Oh God here we go I am going to spend 2 hours of my life listening to women talk about how their “Man”did them wrong. Oh what fun that will be. The play was in Delaware so on top of that I was thinking I could call any of my girlfriends on the phone and probably save myself the trip, time and some cash, but I didn’t I agreed to go. So what does a Diva where to this type of theater? As a black woman I have never been to an all black cast form of theater. I have only experienced theater on the Great White Way or Off Broadway. So I decide on a cute top since it was nice out, jeans and a mini blazer. I meet my friend in Chelsea so we can get Operation Delaware underway. While I was waiting for her I discovered a new Taco Truck on the corner of 14th and 8th with an awesome Chicken Taco. I downed 2 of those and a Sprite and decided to take a walk while I was waiting. I discovered a new shop for bath products and soaps called Soapology and enjoyed a complimentary hand treatment, and dropped $70 on some new products. Thats the price  you pay by being a woman intrigued by impulse. My friend is sending me play by play texts every 30 blocks or so, and she is getting closer. We get started on the highway and the drive was smooth, we decided to grab something on the go and went through the Drive Thru of Mc.Donald’s I forgot what state its in. We place our order and the person on the other side repeats it back wrong, we say it again and again Lost in Translation eventually we just laugh hysterically and pray the order is right. Luckily it was! However I wanted to try a Shamrock Shake. Oh well! We keep driving and we are listening to the radio and there is a commercial for an upcoming concert featuring “The Heads of State” which is Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown and Case at the Paradise theater in the Bronx. If you know any of the back story of this proposed show and the artists/location’s history you will understand why I am moving on. Next we  get to Delaware and make our way to the Dupont Theater for the  show. We get there on time and are waiting for our other friend who was driving in from Maryland. While we wait in the lobby, being the ADD visual person I am I can’t help but notice the attire of people. I thought I may be under dressed but some of the outfits made me feel like I didn’t get the memo about the after party. Six inch heels and mini dresses seemed to be the theme of the evening across the board whether you were slim, voluptuous, or pregnant…yes Pregnant! Ok I’m moving on again. So we get to our seats and I am still not sure what to expect. The warm up comedian comes out and talks to the crowd, tells some jokes and assures us we are in for a good show. He also told the men in the audience 2 sure fire reasons for your woman to cheat. First is loss of intimacy and affection, Second is NO MONEY!!! Sorry! but that’s an important one. I need to know that whomever I am with I am going to be provided for and protected. In essence SECURITY! So now my attention and interest is piqued.I settle in my seat and get ready. The show opens with 3 girlfriends sitting around chatting about their Men. One is in a financially secure marriage she is a lawyer, her husband a judge but they haven’t had sex in a loooooong time. The 2nd is with a dude that has made jail a career. The 3rd is with the Perfect Man but she doesn’t love him and constantly wonders about the one that got away. As the play progresses we learn the characters and their stories. During the play the audience would yell out, or say comments towards the actors and at first I thought oh my god people are going to get kicked out. They play just kept moving, scenes changed, stories were told. Eventually I found myself speaking out loud.  I have to admit I was entertained. I laughed,I got angry, I was reminded of some of the men I have dated and also Why I am SINGLE! My friends and I had such a great time! After the show we got to meet the actors and they were just as funny off stage as they were on stage. It was great to support black theater for a change. I like some of Tyler Perry’s films but I have never seen one of the plays. From what I hear this is similar to Tyler Perry’s plays but there wasn’t as much singing. Thats another thing I am not big on singing, but I was able to hang tight during this. It was a great play with realistic and relatable characters. I think women and men enjoyed it. If you are curious as to why women cheat you should definitely check them out and invite them to your town. We ended the night dining at a restaurant called Timothy’s on the Water. We had a great time just talking about the play and sharing some laughs. It was a great ending to a great day. Here is a pic of us The 3 Diva-teers!





6 Responses to "Why Women Cheat???? I went all the way to Delaware to find out…."

Hahahaha!!! We really had a blast! Next time, we’re hitting a Tyler Perry play!!!

Thank you soooooooo much for coming out and supporting us. It was our pleasure!!!!

Brenda Jones

aka Ms. Renee in Why Women Cheat.

Ms. Renee! You were hilarious!!!! Good Luck with everything!!

I am so glad you enjoyed the play! This has been an incredible journey for all of us and to hear such positive feedback makes it all worth while. We thank you for your support and sharing your thoughts!!

Grace Johnson

aka Patricia in Why women cheat 😉

You are very welcome!! It was great to watch you guys. . And the hard work shows! Keep it up! I hope you make it to every city..


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