Being an Employee when Your Goal is to be An Employer. . . .

Posted on: March 24, 2010

So for the last few months I have been stressed out which is the reason for my Cardiology Appointment today. This is not something I usually allow to happen, but once in a while it does. I have been trying to put my finger on it and get rid of it. Then I remember I have been here before. Basically I am “Unemployable”. I land great jobs, am excited at first then I realize whats going on speak out about it and get the shitty end of the stick. It sucks! I work in a field where Integrity, Consideration, Growth and Compassion should be the basis of what you do unfortunately it’s not. So for the last 5 years in working in Youth Development and Education I have seen so many wrongdoings and wonder why the hell people don’t speak up? Instead they are too busy engaging in bullshit romances, gossip, office politics or bureaucracy. I don’t have the desire nor the time for such nonsense. Then it always hits me. I am not supposed to be here. I read one time that the first thing you start out doing as a business probably won’t be your longterm business, but it will most likely lead to it. That is true! In being stuck in these jobs I have realized my longterm goals. I want to help children, I want to educate them using the world around them in addition to a book. I want them to be taught by people who care about the Earth, Art, Culture, Music, Dance and will take them out of their surroundings beyond the textbook! There is a heated debate going on right now about Education and can you Teach a Teacher to Teach? I still go back and forth with this one. I have never wanted to be a teacher, and I’m not a teacher yet I educate and take every  opportunity I have to Educate a young person. It is in me! It has always been there. My level of freedom, and creativity has been stamped out so many times yet those same fire enders  ask what is it I do to get the kids to like me. My answer is always the same I “respect” them. So now as I sit at my desk after being told how I am not doing enough, and I have taken a turn for the worse. I know what usually comes next. I just found it funny that I have been doing a Lousy job for 2 and half years without a problem, but I expressed my opinions and thoughts a few days ago for the first time and now its a problem. Yea I have been down this road. So my question to myself is now what do I do? Suck it up and collect a Paycheck like the rest of the lifeless robots or Move Forward and Onward? As a single woman this would be no question in my mind. I would tell them to kiss my ass grab my passport and backpack and be on my way to Peru or Costa Rica right now. As a single mom the question takes a little longer to answer.



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All parents are defacto teachers, it’s part of the “job”. Even shitty parents are teachers. But we must all realize that just because you gave birth to a new person the “job requirements” include that you TEACH your child!

While running off to Peru or Costa Rica might sound good (and BOY does it!) There is no question that WE need you here! You have opened my eyes and taught ME something new! Honestly…I don’t know you from Eve, but I know that you have a purpose in this world (I know this because I have read every single post you have written)! And this purpose is to educate by opening other people’s eyes and question those things we might not feel comfortable with or even know nothing about (e.g. Street Lit)! Your purpose is to educate, even if it’s not in some school district per se.

I’m just throwing this out there… Have you considered ADULT education, a sort of Parenting teens 101? Out here in the ‘burbs we have classes that people flock to, in an effort to learn more about what’s going on in kids lives today… Things like understanding Twitter, blogging, street lit, what kids are struggling with such as cyber-bullying through texting, etc. Another idea is to gear community courses to teens. I, as a parent, would be more than happy to send my child in for some HUMAN training about what is going on in the world… Kids are funny… they don’t necessarily believe their parents when we tell them things, but coming from an adult that is supremely “hip” they might listen to what you have to say!

You, my favorite Diva In Charge have a unique talent to be able to communicate between both demographics and bring us information that may help us raise our children THAT much better! As a parent and an avid reader, I’d just like to take a moment to say THANK YOU! Keep it up, because the audience IS listening!

Hi Kristen! Let me apologize for not responding yesterday. I was running around with appointments! Thank YOU! I read your post yesterday and it made my shitty day much better. You are so right when you say that as parents it is our jobs to Teach. I am in a very unique situation because I am in a school that also happens to be my son’s school. Also the reason why I got the job is because of my passion and how I voice my opinion. Funny how that audience has changed now that the finger is pointed at them, and accountability seems to have disappeared so the next best thing is to point the finger back and nit pick! It is so annoying! In the NYC Public School System there are a lot of good things, but there are also a lot of BAD things that happen that no one seems to care or do anything about. Unless it affects funding, or numbers. That’s because every filled seat means MONEY!! Schools are businesses! When you have a school of 580 students and $400,000 payroll for Administration (1 Principal and 3 assistant principals) how can you not have accountability? I basically challenged the Leadership, Ethics, and Quality of the Education that is being delivered to these “children of low socioeconomic backgrounds” my child included. Its not right! There is more to come on this topic. I will look into to the classes that may be something for me to put together for the summer. I see myself having some free time really soon!

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This is a great post. One of the best things about teaching is the autonomy. Once you close the classroom doors it is you and the kids. Yea there is redtape and lots of paperwork, even to land a job, but it gives you access to so many young minds. I prefer elementary.

Hey there! Thanks for reading and the support! Education has been quite an interesting world thus far.


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