Weekend Review!

Posted on: March 15, 2010

So Saturday night I went out with my friend to a party in New Jersey. Driving there was a bit of a challenge between the falling trees and flooding. Finally we make it and it was an ok night. The DJ wasn’t the best but I made the most of it and danced to a few songs. They also served cake so that was a plus! I made the mistake of drinking cranberry juice and there was Ice in it. I don’t eat ice and I think as a result of dirty ice I wound up with this stomach bug. I am rendered useless when I get sick and stomach pain is the worse. I spent all of yesterday between my bed and the bathroom. Thank goodness someone offered me their seat on the subway this morning, I felt as if I was going to pass out and that is not a good feeling on a crowded rush hour train.  I am at work now and feeling slightly better, catching up on work and will post some new stuff for you guys later on. I hope everyone is well!


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