My Response to The New York Times Article. . .

Posted on: March 15, 2010

If you read the NYT they printed an article this past weekend about “Mommy bloggers”http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/14/fashion/14moms.html?pagewanted=2 The title of the article was a slap in the Face. “Honey don’t bother Mommy. I’m too busy building my Brand. Really New York Times???? Here is my response that I posted on their site I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

I am very disappointed in the Times and this article. First of all not all of us “Mommy” bloggers are “Mommies” I am a mother in addition to being a writer, and an employee for the Dept of Education amongst other things. If we were a group of men, I think this article would have been written differently. Why is it implied in the title that a mother has to neglect her children in order to blog? I have a teenage son and I still have struggles and issues that I face raising a Teenager as a single Mom! Blogs are not only a way to socialize, but they are also a way to find out information, and share. A lot of women are going through the same situations and its good to know that you are not the only experiencing these thoughts, feelings or issues that may affect your children. Moms are always held under a microscope by society whether we are a good mother or bad mother. This article could have been a way to show Moms/Women that there is support and a place for them to be heard but instead it make it seem like a bunch of women complaining about their lives as a mother. What you have failed to realize is that a lot of Bloggers are professionals and had the Corporate Job and have decided to use their skills elsewhere. Women bloggers have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously. Thanks for setting us back!! There is power in numbers and your article states that. This is not some fly by night hobby for us. It is something we take seriously and enjoy doing. Our children/families don’t suffer because of it. How many products have been created by women, who is doing the grocery shopping, who is dropping the kids off at games and school. We have real lives and duties just like anyone else but instead of being bogged down by motherhood we have taken it to another level… It’s really discouraging that a paper of this reputation would write such a degrading article. Oh well guess its time to go blog about it! Thanks New York Times!



4 Responses to "My Response to The New York Times Article. . ."

Mhmmmm well fuckin said ma!

Thank you!! This madness needs to stop!

You make valid points in your commentary. Although I have to admit that your commentary would probably have more power were it not for all the grammatical mistakes that appear in your message. I agree that it is appalling that some people and the media continue, even in 2010, to reinforce negative perceptions of women who choose to work.

Thanks for reading and for pointing out my mistakes! Unfortunately I am at work and don’t want to be, I have a stomach flu and not feeling well. So grammar wasn’t on the top of my list this morning. With that being said I do agree with you and it sucks that even in trying to do something great it is seen as nothing more than a hobby. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

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