Five Tips for Dining with Your Kid In NYC

Posted on: March 8, 2010

As cute and Adorable as you little ones may be there are some things you should know before bringing them to a restaurant. This is meant for parents with babies/toddlers up to age 4. In NYC there are tons of places to eat depending on your taste and budget. When traveling here it can be slightly overwhelming so here Are a few tips I have put together for the visitors as well as the natives.
Tip #1 Call Ahead this can save you a lot of time and embarrassment. When you call the restaurant ask if they are baby friendly which includes having high chairs,space for a stroller ample free space for your little one to stretch their legs in case they get restless. As well as diapering and changing accommodations. You should also find out if they have a clientele that is accustomed to seeing children. As cute as they may be some people do not like children and can find it bothersome should your little decide to have a tantrum.

Tip#2 If dining with friends who don’t have children and you have to bring yours along don’t expect everyone to automatically want the conversation to turn into baby talk. A lot of people with kids have friends who don’t and when they get together the focus of conversation can become one-sided. Keep the conversation Neutral if people want to know about your experiences as a mom or interact with your child they will do it. Don’t force it.

Tip#3 If your child is at the table in a high chair watch them! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen silverware, drinks, food get pulled to the floor by little Tommy. Pull their high chair far enough away from the table so they can’t reach anything but close enough so you don’t feel like your abandoning them. Your kid’s presence at the table could go from Cute to a humanize form of birth control in 60 seconds. Also never change your baby at the table. This is never OK!

Tip#4 Dont ask your single girlfriends when they are getting married or having a little one so you can have playdates or throw her a shower. Some women may feel self-conscious or deep down just don’t want children. Don’t bring attention to them instead if they steer the conversation that way feel free to throw your 2 cents in.

Tip#5 Watch your child!! If you decide to let little Tyler roam free you need to be holding his hand. I have seen kids take off running in restaurants while their parents are eating. I do not want the responsibility of watching your child nor do I want to have my meal disrupted by him sitting next to me on the floor or sharing his half-eaten carrot with me.

Now if any of these rules seem to difficult than my last Tip is hire a sitter or order a Pizza!



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