Weekend WrapUp

Posted on: March 7, 2010

So one of the things that I consider a blessing and a curse about being single is having to do things by myself! There are times when I go to a new restaurant or a show and it would be nice to have some male company or take a nice walk with or travel with! Out of my entire history of dating I have only been on one Vacation with a Partner, but have been on dozens with friends or by myself! Oh well that’s another conversation! The one good thing is that I get to see friends.  Friday night I went out to the movies and saw Sherlock Holmes for the second time! I love RDJ! and I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes so the combo is perfect. I got to see one friend and we had dinner before the movie! It was great to chat and catch up. I also got a Surprise Birthday present. Thanks “D’ for my bracelet.  After the movie I tried to figure out what to do next because my friend went home so I took a walk in the West Village and ended up at Five Guys (Review in the next post). Finally I decide to go home and just crash because I had a busy Saturday Planned. Saturday Morning started out with a cappuccino and walk through Times Square for some reason Early morning the tourists don’t bother me as much. I met some friends for brunch at Arte Pasta (Review in the next post) which included Bottomless Mimosas! I love the sound of champagne bottles opening! After brunch I met another friend to go see Paul Taylor Dance Company at City Center! Another close friend got stuck at work so she gave me the tickets. It was a great show. I loved the last performance it was a dedication to the 60’s and all the music was by The Mamas and the Papas! Totally Groovy! It was also Paul Taylors 80th Birthday and he actually came out for the final bow of the show. You can read about him and the company here http://www.ptdc.org/ After the show I told my friend we could go have a coffee at Juan Valdez. I tried a Hazelnut Java there a couple of weeks ago, so we walk there and in typical NY fashion it was gone!  Sad but that’s the norm here with businesses. We walk to 34th street and say our goodbyes and I kill time  until my next show which starts at 7. I decide to treat myself  to Sushi at Miyabi Sushi(review in the next post) where I was seated next to a stripper and her friend and overheard the most intriguing conversation. They had just come from Makeup Shopping and the stripper was asking her friend how she should go about telling her boyfriend that a *client* was buying her a new car. She was worried because she knew he would ask where it came from. Their bill comes and she pulls out money and its all crumpled her friend says why is the money like that? She responds that’s how the money is when your in the business I’m in. A few of the singles were taped up and she said I take it it’s still money! Seated behind me the conversation was just as intriguing with 3 friends. 2 women and 1 guy. They guy was gay and his girlfriends wanted to plan him a “coming out” party and he was against it. They were trying to convince him it could be like his 2nd birthday! I finish up my Salmon Roll and head to my show.  The show is called the black and the jew comedy hour. (Review in Separate Post) It’s about a real life husband and wife she is black and he is jewish. I make my way to zinc Bar and I was early for the most part there were a lot of couples and I started to feel a little insecure but that lasted for a bout 5 minutes. I had a great time! After the show I met my friend on the lower east side and we took a walk and had some food at Mikey’s (Review in the next post) made our way to the subway and parted ways! It was a great day and I’m so glad I got to connect with so many people and did I mention the weather was absolutely Gorgeous???!!

Happy Sunday



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