The Black and The Jew Love Technology. . . .

Posted on: March 7, 2010

As a Black woman there are constant stereotypes and ignorance that we face on a daily basis. There are so many stigmas embedded in our culture. Black Women are Undesirable, No one wants to Marry Us, We all collect Welfare, We are not Beautiful, etc. A lot has do with issues we have created amongst ourselves. I will get into that in a later post. One of the main issues that we face are when it comes to dating. I as a black woman choose to date outside of my race. I am constantly perplexed by the image that people present when they claim that black women are undate-able. My question is if you are talking to a black woman who is only dating black men then yes this may be true. There are a lot of black women that are dating non black men and are fine, and they are getting married and having children. What I have realized is that it is easier to make people believe that Black Women are Angry and lonely and waiting to Marry their Baby Daddy if thats all Media and Society shows them. I believe that Good Men and Bad Men come in all races. If you want someone in your life who is going to contribute to it in a positive way, build something with you, respects you and understands they person you are then why does Race Matter? I saw a show last night called  The Black and The Jew Comedy Hour http://www.theblackandthejew.com/ it’s a real life husband and wife he’s Jewish and she’s Black. they have been married for 25 years. I wanted to support this show because it was something different but it was also something I could relate to. I have tons of criticism for dating outside of my race, and head some unkind things about dating men who are not black. So I used to hide it but I realized I was hiding a part of myself. As with anything its a choice and its my choice! The show was such a diverse crowd, Italian, Black, Korean, Chinese, White, Jewish etc. For that 90 minutes although their show was about race we all became Raceless and were just humans out for a good laugh. I learned a lot and I laughed so much that I was in tears. One point that stuck out for me was when Epstein and Hasan were talking about the Marriage they talked about the fact that you have to accept your partner for who they are not what you want them to be. Thats how I live my life. I no longer seek acceptance I just AM and if that doesn’t work for some people then I move on.  Their energy was so great together and I am sure they have had their struggles but it was so nice to see the other side. Black Women I say to you Don’t believe the Bullshit! We are women and we are able and deserving of love! If you choose to wait for Tyrese or Morris Chestnut that’s totally up to you. All I am asking is to choose someone who will love and respect you. That is the First Lesson of Hasan and Epstein’s Black Jew Love Technology!  http://www.theblackandthejew.com/

Love without Color,



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