StripXPertease- The name Says it All!

Posted on: March 7, 2010

Ladies sometimes we need something to make us feel good about ourselves,all the chocolate and wine in the world is not necessarily a cure-all. How many times have you taken a dance class, went to the gym, or Yoga and left feeling like although it was good. It really didn’t make you feel sweaty and sensuous. Well I know just the person you need to see! Her name is Kimberly Smith and she is the founder of StripXPertease.. Forget the poles! Thats kids stuff. I mean if you have a pole at home then more power to you! Men really enjoy the lap dance! This class teaches you all the moves and then some! Do you know what a BoneCrusher is? Kimberly’s classes help to build up your self-esteem and make you feel sexy even at a time when you don’t think you’re so hot! The classes are for women ONLY! So there is no need to feel uncomfortable, but if you want some bang for your buck with your partner she does teach private couple classes! So what are you waiting for break out those heels, get that tank tied up around your waist and get yourself in one of her classes! She has instructors who teach in NYC. It’s also an awesome idea for a girls night out or bachelorette Party! So stop by her blog/class and tell her I sent you! After all Sweat doesn’t have to be a bad thing!! Check out what Kimberly had to say:

Happy Dancing,

What is your name and where are you from?
Kimberly Smith and I’m from Austin TX

What has been your most memorable moment?
There are so many….it changes from year to year.. I know that’s a shitty answer.

Whats the difference between life in NYC and life in Texas?
The speed of how people do things,outdoor life, the weather and people are way friendlier in Texas

Are things really bigger in Texas?
Well I guess, but my boobs are the same size here as they were there 😦

What is your Phenomenal business?

How does your business help women?
It helps them feel sexy, feel good, feel in control, move their bodies and feel like they can conquer it all.

What have been some of the downers to this business?
The economy! and that everyone thinks that pole dancing is the end all be all. Most clubs don’t even have poles and most strippers don’t do pole tricks because guys don’t give 2 shits about it (in the club anyway) it’s only the girls that do.You don’t need a pole to be sexy , ya know?

What has been some of the great moments?
This is pretty great that you think I am Phenomenal. It’s a large collection of small ones, those aha moments that you don’t even realize is a aha moment until months down the road and then it hits you.

How many men have tried to be a practice dummy for your classes?
They call and ask, I get several of those. Lately I’ve been getting male dancers who want to network and they just go on and on the phone..its weird almost like phone sex except I’m not getting paid.

What’s one thing about you people would never guess?
The NASCAR thing people always get weird about that..I go to the race in Texas every year..I love it

Where can we learn more about you?
Meet me,read my blog, take my classes http://www.stripxpertease.com
Join the Fan Page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/stripxpertease?ref=ts

What is next for Kimberly Smith?
I don’t know .. I am trying to reclaim my social life.. I never hang out anymore because I am always working. Once thats back on track then I plan to take over the world. 🙂


1 Response to "StripXPertease- The name Says it All!"

yay! thanks. We have a lap dance class coming up this weekend (the 13th @4:15) only $35 per lady. Just steps away from Penn Station. http://www.stripxpertease.com/rates.htm#NYCintrostripteaseclasses

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