Five Guys In My Eyes…..

Posted on: March 7, 2010

So I went to Five Guys burger joint on Friday night. First off I found it by accident , I  didn’t even know we had one here. I have been to one in NJ but never had the burger. So I walked in and ordered my Lil Cheeseburger. A lil burger is 1 Pattie and regular burger is 2 patties. Now I do like that they are open late, have plenty of space and there is a full Sport Bar upstairs at this location. I order my burger with Mayo, Jalapenos, Onions.. I’m not worried about my breath or gas since as usual I’m dining alone. Anyway I engage in conversation with another patron who informs me that there are  5 locations in NYC and soon there will be 45 more. I respond really? He says yea one of the partners owns the rights to Manhattan so they are planning to take over soon. He goes on to say they make like $40 million dollars a year! In my head im like that’s a whole lot of beef.  As I am waiting for my burger I take a look around there are barrels or complimentary peanuts for you to munch on while you wait (I’m allergic to Peanuts), there are free refills on your drinks, and all the fixin’s your burger are also free. For a burger and a soda came out to about $7.50 not extreme for New York so I didn’t freak out about that. The place is also pretty kid friendly, tons of space and seating. So my number is called I get my burger. I take a seat by the window and get ready to make my decision. First bite was ok. 2nd bite still just OK. The burger was OK! I have had better burgers. So I am not sure what all the hype is about. Being in NY you constantly have endless options. I finished the burger but was not impressed. If you are in NYC and looking for a better burger check out these places. If  5 Guys makes money off of their name alone its going to take more than that to survive in NYC we have endless food options people will come to their senses once the Novelty wares off and the quality will need to take over.

The Slaughtered Lamb http://www.slaughteredlambpub.com/ try the Chili CheeeseBurger

Mikey’s Burger http://cms.nycgo.com/?event=view.venuedetails&id=216066 check out the Lamb Burger and the Cheese Fries

Happy Eating!



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