Morning Subway Ride with an M-16

Posted on: March 4, 2010

So as me and J make our morning commute from Brooklyn to the Bronx we are always expecting some sort of excitement. Whether it’s the shuffle around the pole on a Packed A train, scoping out a possible seat, or trying to figure out who is going to sleep past their stop and make the mad dash out the doors before they close. I usually always  take this time to engage J in some sort of chat about something completely random. We have had talks about Bruce Lee,  Chuck Norris, Sushi, Silent Movies, Shakespeare, Whats going to be for dinner that night etc. With me as a mom he is not surprised and usually amuses me and responds. So this morning as we were transferring for our Bronx train I reached the top of the steps breathless and with a racing heart. There are at least 3 flights with about 30 steps each.. Needless to say I have fabulous Gams! Anyway I get to the top of the stairs and there are 6 Police/Military/Sniper’s?? At the top of the stairs. Here I am at 730 in the morning looking at M-16’s staring back t me. At that moment so many things went through my mind at once. I remember telling J how fast my heart was still racing. I have lived in NYC my entire life crime is nothing new, Terrorism is nothing new. As unfortunate as that is and as naive as this may sound I was shocked and scared shitless. I mean what image does this send to kids? How did the parents that were also on the platforms explain these men with huge guns to their toddlers? It also got me to thinking about Guns and how many acts of random and senseless violence happen as a result of guns. Granted I know these officers would probably not decide to shoot up a train station on impulse. Or would they? That was the open question in my mind under what circumstances would these weapons be used and what would happen to the people who just happened to be waiting for the subway listening to their Ipod, Dreading going to work, Reading a Magazine, or talking with their kid on the way to school?

Be Safe,



4 Responses to "Morning Subway Ride with an M-16"

Oh my! That must have been scary! I had a similar situation in Russia in the early 90s where I came up from a stop with snipers and military thinking, “Don’t look American, please don’t shoot me.” (it was a the end of the cold war) I can totally relate! Hope everything’s okay! – Michelle

Wow! Yea everything is cool now. Been riding the subway all weekend and no Snipers! thank goodness. So funny what your mind goes through during moments like those.

That would get my heart racing too, and I used to work w/ cops and was around guns all the time!

I remember riding the trains around Europe after college and waking up on a train car in Italy nose to nose with a machine gun. It had been resting on the pack belonging to the Italian military men who had decided to sit by us. I think the gun had slipped a bit from its original position with the bumps and lurches of the ride. Literally the metal from the barrel was inches from my nose. I jumped right into the air and almost peed my pants.

Also note, GREAT conversation starter with Italian military men on train in Tuscany 😉

I will definitely have to remember that next time I’m in Italy. It was such a heart starter! In that are the train station is near Ground Zero so I get that part, I just have never seen them there before and in such abundance so I guess there was some sort of alert or something.. Thats life nowadays in the Big Apple. Have you seen anything like that since?

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