Tasty Tuesday!

Posted on: March 2, 2010

So today is the first Tuesday of March and the debut of Tasty Tuesdays! Every Tuesday I will post a recipe for a simple and quick meal and I invite you to do the same. With kids you have to be creative and you get tired of making the same things so lets share some of our favorites! This dish I made last night for dinner and the small amount of leftovers were used for lunch today! Enjoy!

    Panko Fried Fish- Serves 2
    4 Pieces of Whiting Fish Fillets
    1 egg
    2 cups Panko Bread Crumbs
    1 cup Flour
    1 cup of Canola Oil
In a skillet heat your oil on low heat and prepare your ingredients.
In a bowl beat the egg with salt, pepper, paprika
In 2 separate bowls place the Flour, Panko
Dip your first fillet in the flour on both sides
Then in the egg mixture on both sides
Finally in the Panko on both sides
Place in the skillet and fry until golden brown on each side depending on the fish this could take 3-5 mins per side.
Repeat with the remaining pieces of fish
Place on paper towel to drain
Serve Immediately with your side dishes. I served it with Corn and Rice
The whole dinner took  20 minutes I made the rice in the Rice Cooker and the corn is ready in Minutes!
**If serving this to younger children I recommend making sure all the bones are out of the fish you can do this yourself or have them do it at your local fish market.
Hope you enjoy!

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