Teens and Sex. Have you had the talk?

Posted on: February 7, 2010

This is not only a touchy subject for a lot of parents but it’s also touchy for teens as well.  What we have to do is face the facts kids are having sex and are a lot more aware of their sexuality at an earlier age. I think parents feel that by talking to their kids about sex we are encouraging them to have sex and thats simply not the case. What we are doing is educating them so once they are ready to take that step they know the consequences. By delaying this conversation teens rely on the internet for information and what they hear from their friends which 90 percent of the time is inaccurate. Especially with boys it is imperative that they know the consequences of unprotected sex not only can they get  a girl pregnant but they can also get an STD and for men the symptoms are not as clear as they are for women. I facilitated a workshop a couple of years ago for teens about sex and I asked them to name the forms of birth control they knew and 100 percent of the boys all named contraceptives for women like the pill, the patch even the female condom not one of the mentioned a Male Condom. Thats scary! Girls are sometimes afraid that a boy won’t like her anymore if she says no to a condom I say tell your daughters “if he says no, she needs to go” its not worth it. Babies are having babies at alarming rates because they are uneducated . Did you know teens between the ages of 12-15 have a high rate of STD’s as a result of Oral Sex? Sex Education and Health Classes have been taken out of  schools and they need to be put back! Kids have questions and if you can’t answer them send them to someone who can. Don’t let google, wikipedia or their peers teach your child about sex.



2 Responses to "Teens and Sex. Have you had the talk?"

I can’t think straight right now, but I think I agree!

Hmmm well definitely come back and confirm when you are thinking straight..:-) Thanks for posting!


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