Is your child a Cyber Bully? or a victim?

Posted on: February 7, 2010

There was a time when kids didn’t like each other they would just meet after school at the infamous time of “3 o clock” duke it out and be friends by 3:15. Those days are long gone now kids are becoming more violent, they are bringing weapons including guns and knives to school and killing their peers over something as simple as stepping on their shoe, or staring at them for too long. What makes it even scarier is a new trend called Cyber Bullying. Now at first you may think this is something that doesn’t seem or sound that serious but it is. Children now have a lot more access to technology and information. They can talk to multiple friends online at one time. I remember seeing my son’s friends list on AIM and he had 97 friends on his list and he was talking to at least 15 of them at that moment. It is very easy for kids to get email address and start dummy accounts to make cyber bullying an inevitable possibility, Just recently there was a case where a mother bullied her daughter’s classmate via her MySpace page and the 13-year-old became severely depressed and eventually committed suicide. As a mother I could not live with myself knowing I caused the death of another mother’s child. There are ways we can help t stop these things. First off talk to your kids more find out who their friends are, or if they even have friends. Ask questions about what they are doing online. If they have their own personal computer search their history files and hard drive. Also when it comes to instant messaging you can learn a lot , find out if your child has multiple screen names, limit the amount of time they spend online. With the rapid growth of technology the key to finding out about your kids lies in their cellphones! I know we want our kids to have their privacy but im sorry we need to be nosy! Even though your child may not be a bully they may be a victim of cyber bullying and keeping it in silence. Most bullies start out by being bullied. There is an organization that is confronting this issue and bringing awareness to it. Talk with the Police and Officials in your town, have workshops for your students, share this information at PTA meetings, other parents, Parent Teacher Conferences etc. The more we can do the more we can save the lives of our kids. If you have any ideas or feedback please share.




2 Responses to "Is your child a Cyber Bully? or a victim?"

@divamomnyc fabulous! cant wait to read it

@divamomnyc its so damaging too and to see it amongst adults and women just makes me sad! there needs to be more to stop it

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