Where is your favorite place to daydream im NY?

Posted on: February 6, 2010

Sometimes I get so frustrated with NYC I call it the land of unnecessary bullshit but there are some of the best places to go and just relax and escape. Some of my favorites are the Film Forum, Any Museum, Central Park there is a section of the park around 97th street that is just gorgeous in the fall. Where are your escape spots?



3 Responses to "Where is your favorite place to daydream im NY?"

I’ll start us off:
1. The Rose Reading room at the Schwartzman Library, although I hate its new name
2. The treadmill
3. The sidewalks of the West Village
4. My bike
5. The parks along the west side waterfront

Thanks Mr. Thomas! all great things to do! I need to get a bike this summer thats something I used to love doing in addition to running and for some reason I just stopped! I am with you on the West Village one of my favorite places to get lost and wander. Thanks for reading! I look forward to future comments!

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