What do you do if your kid is facially challenged?

Posted on: February 6, 2010

I know some people are going to hate what I’m about to say but I’m going to say it anyway. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and admit that not all babies are cute! There have been times when I have been put in front of an FLK (funny looking kid) and rendered speechless. I know people that will lie to new parents telling them how gorgeous their née bundle of joy is and as soon as they part ways they are comparing the kid to an alien. Rather than be rude I usually just try to be fair to myself and the parents I am not a good liar and I am very blunt and sometimes speak wihout any filter so situations like this can be quite challenging for me. I have mastered a way around it so if it ever happens to you here are somethings you can say without lying or telling the truth. New parents I’m sorry you may want to stop reading now but if you wish to proceed and have heard any of the following I’m sorry to have to tell you your child is an FLK!

Isn’t he/she just precious!

God bless him/her.

Is he/she sleeping through the night yet? If the answer is yes the. Response with “what a good baby”. If the answe is no “compliment the mother on her outfit and how good she looks for someone who has just given birth.

Look at those tiny hands/feet.

Hopefully you get the idea if you have any FLK stories or if you were an FLK like me please share!



9 Responses to "What do you do if your kid is facially challenged?"

I always say “Oh isn’t he/she SWEET!!” and if they search for more compliments I say “Well I bet you are just ga ga! Congratulations!” and walk away quick as I can. 🙂

That’s smart! You can never go wrong with saying their sweet! And saying they are a “gift” that’s usually good they don’t need to know it’s a gift you’d be taking back to the store for a full refund!


Haha! So funny and true! I have seen many FLK’s and had to try to stumble through a conversation without letting my true reaction show. And I have a FLK story… A childhood friend’s mom told us that after giving birth to her daughter she went to go get her from the hospital nursery. She was looking around and noticed that one baby was quite ugly. She stood there thinking how sorry she was for that poor, ugly baby’s parents. Well, the nurse picked up the ugly baby and walked over to her. Turns out the ugly baby was hers. LOL

OMG! I think I just wet my pants! That had to be terrible! I know people don’t want to hurt others feelings but I think it’s just wrong to tell someone their baby is sooo cute and adorable when the child looks like his head was hit with a sock full of hot nickles. I’m hoping this kid grew into to his face and embraced it?


Yeah, I about wet my pants as she was telling the story. And I fully agree with you, it is not right to tell people with a FLK that their child is cute, because I am convinced that they know their kid looks funny. As to the ugly baby, it can be said that the face was embraced.

ha! That would be great on a T-shirt “Embrace the Face”


I have seen some strange looking kids..and I too try to say something kind without lying. But, every child is beautiful to their parents..there is no getting around that!

Thank you for commenting! Thats right nothing can top a parents love and adoration for their precious bundle of joy no matter what they look like!

@DivaMomNYC normally I say “awwww” lol

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