I just don’t get it!

Posted on: February 5, 2010

I have come to realize that things that are common sense to me are not necessarily that to other people. Here are some prime examples you be the judge…. So me and a friend go out to dinner on Monday Night after dinner we take the Subway, we are having a conversation and across from us is a woman seated next to the window with a black bag in her hand, right in front of her is a guy with an Ipod on and eating a sandwich, every so often I notice that the woman’s head is in the bag, I think maybe she has sunflower seeds and is spitting out the shells, or some sort of fruit.. NOPE.. She is Puking! The guy with the Ipod is completely oblivious at this point I am completely disgusted and about to hurl myself so I ask my friend can we move. We move down to the other end of the car and as I am trying to keep my meal down I notice the woman has gotten up to get off at the next stop…. Wait a minute.. Where is her bag of Upchuck???? Not in hand and on the way to the nearest incinerator, nope it’s left on the train! Yuck!

Last Night me and my friend went to the movies  I usually stay away from big budget stuff and this was a stupid comedy I will not mention the title. I only paid $5.50 I won’t complain that much, as I knew well into it I was not going to see the Last King of Scotland… (excellent movie) anyway the movie theater is Empty, so we get comfortable and as soon as the previews start a Fat Man and his even Fatter Girlfriend sit right in front of us… Why I ask? You could sit anywhere why there? Also why do people come to the movies to talk?? Not even talking about the movie or anything movie related they come there and have a whole damn conversation throughout the movie until someone like myself either tells them to shut up or someone like my friend did last night gives them the “Evil Eye”.. It is beyond me…..
Crazy I tell ya!



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