Asian Man + Black Woman= Hot Movie!

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Living in NYC you see alot of things on a daily basis. The one thing that never amazes me is interracial couples. I am talking beyond the black/white. I mean Indian with Mexican or Polish with African there is never a shortage of possibilities. The combinations are endless. One thing you don’t see to often is a Black Female with an Asian Male. However you will see the opposite. Being the type of person I am I have always felt that Interracial Relationships have never received the recognition they derserve in the media especially. This is America the Melting Pot what better way to express ourselves to the world than by showing how the Pot of Cultures we pride ourself on becomes a wonderful mix of Diversity and Pride…Well finally there is a movie that is talking about just that. It is called Akira’s Hip Hop Shop it is an indie Film which stars James Kyson Lee from NBC’s Heroes. The movie deals with his falling in love and having a relationship with a Black Woman. The movie will be shown at a film fest in San Diego in Oct and I have been closely following its success and I am eagerly awaiting its East Coast debut. I wish them much success and hope this starts a new positive trend in the media…..




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