What did you just say? The 10 Stupidest things I’ve heard on a First Date!

Posted on: February 4, 2010

So before I go into my whole life story I thought I would share with you some of the nuggets I experienced while dating.  Which is part of the reason I am still single! Ladies if any of your dates ever start out like this do yourself a favor and run and hide! Please keep in mind these are true events not even my eccentric Aquarian mind could make this up. Please feel free to share your own horror stories!

10) Have you ever felt like hundreds of people are following you all the time everyday? My answer: Uh….NO

9)I have 2 things to tell you.. I need to pee and I am hungry… My answer Which takes priority?

8)Have you ever thought about getting a weave? My answer: Have you? ( I actually wanted to say have you ever wanted to get a penis enlargement)

7) What is it like being black? My answer It’s just like being white with a way better tan…

6) Will you Marry Me.. My answer- I did not stick around long enough to respond

5) Let’s eat Pizza and Have a beer its cheaper… My Response Free Food I’m there!

4)I want you to be the mother of my children.. My response: Not even with someone Else’s uterus.

3) You don’t smoke weed, you live in the Bronx, and you don’t like Rap Music.. What type of Black girl are you? My response One that will cut you..

2) Are you Gay? My Response: After seeing you I might consider it..

1) You need to be able to deal with my nice side as well as my gangsta side because I am a N***A from the streets.. I need to know that you are gonna hold me down… My response: Hold on while I get a translator I don’t understand the language of stupidity.


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