Welcome Moms!!

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Welcome to my site! I hope I will be able to offer you a place to vent, laugh, cry meet other moms, share ideas and stories.  I am a single mom living in NYC. (Thats me to the right with my son J.) he is 14 years old. I tend have a sense of humor when it comes to life and not take myself to seriously. Being a native New Yorker the city has been my oasis of endless adventures. Society dictates that moms fit into a certain class and once you become a mom your life is somehow handed over to your children and you can never been seen as anything else. I don’t buy that. I am a young and vibrant person who enjoys my mom time and my ME time. There are moms out there that look better physically than some people decades younger than them. So this blog is intended  to target  those moms, who enjoy their life and friends,who take the roads less traveled, have tattoos, listen to rock music, are single by CHOICE,  but can still attend a PTA meeting, and bake Cupcakes that would make June Cleaver clench her teeth with her pearly whites all while holding down a full-time job. So sit back and enjoy and feel free to share! I’m glad you have decided to stop by!




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