Its All About Me. . .

Posted on: February 4, 2010

Like I mentioned in my earlier post I am single mom. I had my son when I was 18 years old and had just graduated High School. I am born and raised in the Bronx. I have never liked the Bronx. If you have never been to the Bronx and have nothing else better to do go there and see how you like it. Things are getting slightly better since the opening of the unneccessary $500 million eyesore they called a stadium was  erected.  I am only child so growing up I loved school because it was the only place where people really paid attention to me. I was very energetic but a tad strange I liked to do things my way with very little direction. Thats one of the many qualities I can say has still stuck with me to this day! I grew up in the Projects of the South Bronx if you are not sure what projects are or have never been added that to your itinerary when you visit. Picture Hell with a urine soaked elevator and you may start to get the idea. Growing up I never felt like thats where I belonged,  I was fascinated with maps and stories of Fantasies, Princesses, Unicorns. I remember writing stories that would whisk me off to far away lands. Although becoming what society thinks is the inevitable outcome of a black girl growing up in that environment becoming a teenage parent wasn’t something I envisioned for myself. I was going to become an International Business Lawyer, never have kids, live between London and New York and travel when possible. Since I can remember while most girls were playing with dolls, or planning to marry someone from Menudo or New Kids on The Block I was daydreaming on how I was going to take over the world. Fast forward to 1995 I’m 18 years old planning for my escape away from NYC and my family my choice The Military. (yea I know) I remember sitting with my guidance counselor who could not figure out how I was skipping school, falling asleep in the classes I did show up to that I still managed to have a decent average and pass all my Regents exams. They hated the the fact that the documents they read and assumptions they made didn’t match the student who would sit before them. Truth be told I loved school it was the teachers I didn’t like and the way we were taught and I spoke up about it. So I used to take the required tests, turn in any assigments due and was always respectful but I never went to class. I would do my work myself, I taught myself. Teachers loathed that. They would say “You’re never here You’re going to Fail”, When I would show up for tests they would ask what are you doing here? You haven’t been in class for 2 weeks how are you going to pass a midterm? All I would say is can I take the test? and I would take it and pass. In April of my senior year I found out I was pregnant with my son.  Everything changed instantly and put on hold but what I realized is that no matter what I never stopped dreaming and challenging myself.  That’s what I hope you can take away from this blog as well as information. the knowledge that no matter what your situation is there are always options. You just have to be willing to open yourself up to the possibilities.  As I approach my 33rd birthday when an open heart and mind I hope we can share, grow and open up new possibilities together.




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It is an interesting post about an interesting person. I loved it. Thank you for writing.

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