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I will be starting this blog back up! I have missed you guys and have lots to talk about! If you are interested in being a featured Mom drop me a line! First post coming soon. Stay tuned!!

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Hello everyone I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted. I hope everyone is well and I promise to update you all soon. I am asking that you check out my new blog on wordpress called TheDivaThatDoes.


To those of you who have followed my blog I would like to say Thank You! I have been working for the last 2 months on figuring out a new venture for myself and I have a launched a Gourmet Gift Business. About 7 years ago I had a very successful gift Basket Business but it outgrew my 1 bedroom apartment and I didn’t have the money nor the resources to expand so I called it quits and took a 9-5, A few weeks ago I brought in some chocolate covered pretzels as a treat for my coworkers and it has been a real success. So it made me think about what I had left behind years ago and the joy I used to get from creating something, and coming up with out of the box gifts for people. So I have decided to return to that. I have a website in the works http://treatsbythediva.com, and I have been taking orders via word of mouth, phone or email TreatsByTheDiva@gmail.com I am so excited to be back in the busy of making something that makes others happy including myself! I thank you all for the support, I will continue to write on this blog and keep you up to date! You can check out the Facebook Page Treats By The Diva for news and contests!

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Treats By The Diva

I know it has been a very long time since my last post and let me apologize! I was dealing with a serious dose of a life for the last few weeks. Things have calmed down a little bit and I’m off from work for a while so I have some time to focus. I have been working for a really long time on coming up with a plan to transform myself back into the Entrepreneurial risk taking woman I used to be. For the summer I have 2 projects I will be working on, the first is establishing myself as a Fashion Stylist. I already have a couple of clients that I am working with. The second is http://DivaStyleNYC.weebly.com which is my online clothing store. So far it has been doing pretty well and I have built up a small following, the thing about working for yourself is Marketing and Self Promotion which can be a job in itself. I am curious to see what comes from both endeavors, I have always loved Fashion but thought since I couldn’t draw my hopes of being a designer were stupid. I really enjoy picking out clothing and accessories and dressing other people. I will keep you posted on my developments and I hope to see you as a customer! Feel free to check out the goods and sign up for the mailing list http://divastylenyc.weebly.com 

Happy 4th of July!

So I have been agonizing over what to write for the last few weeks because I have felt uninspired. There have been so many things going in my life whether its been work related, or personal that have literally left me mentally drained. To be honest it has left me spent, to the point where I haven’t been able to think about anything else. 

Last Friday I was off from work because I needed to take care of something with my son. (Something I will get into in a later post). After our appointment we returned home to just relax and my son tells me that he read on Facebook on of his classmates died. I am dumbfounded because I had just seen the child the day before. So I call the school, and the information is confirmed. I am in shock, then I was told to turn on the news. Now I’m confused. What happened? I ask. I’m told again turn on the news. I put on the TV and there is the face I see everyday, speak to, hear her voice in the hallways, or her laugh. My next emotion was pain. She was murdered.. stabbed to be exact by her mother’s boyfriend over 20 times. I can’t even put into words what I feel. I still can’t. What makes this situation unique is because I happen to work in my son’s school so not only do I have a special relationship with him, I have relationships with a lot of his friends and other kids.

How do you explain something like this to a child? As an adult I don’t even understand it. There are so many questions that are now left unanswered, so many things that could have been. Emonee was a bright girl, full of life and full of spunk. She was mature in a lot of ways, in some ways more than girls older than her.  I am glad I never shut her out. I am happy that my door was always open for her and anyone else that wants to walk in. I will miss her laugh, I will miss the questions she would love to ask me about love and boys, I will miss seeing her argue with her friends and making up 5 minutes later. 

I treasure these things with a heavy heart, but I am thankful.I wish I could write more but I physically can’t put 2 sentences together at the moment. I promise to keep you informed about my efforts to continue helping children and keeping Emonee’s spirit alive. If you have not read the tragic details of this story  you can read the story here http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/22/nyregion/22stab.html

Love Your Children and Others


I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Fitsmi.com a website devoted to helping Teen girls overcome issues with Obesity. I am an advocate for healthy eating in areas that are on the low-end of the socioeconomic totem pole. Unfortunately the South Bronx is on the top of that list check out the interview here http://www.fitsmi.com/moms/our-blogs/mastermind-monday/2010/04/30/the-south-bronx-diet-stacked-against-you/ there is a lot of work to be done.  The culture of this area needs to change and one of the major ways we can do that is by educating people. The article was also selected as an Editor’s Pick on Open.Salon.com http://open.salon.com/blog/divamomnyc/2010/05/03/the_south_bronx_diet_stacked_against_you

Happy Living,


For ages their have been all types of slang and code words that children have used for generations. With the age and explosion of the internet, social networking, and Instant Messaging if you have a teenager you may barely be able to understand the words that come from their mouths.  So I am going to inform you of a new term that is going around and I encourage you to talk to your teens about it. The term “VCard” is being used by boys and girls. No it’s not something for their netbook or Xbox. What a VCard actually is, is your child’s virginity. So if you hear kids/teens talking about collecting VCards, or possibly giving up their VCards this is what they are referring to. With the rates of Teenage Pregnancies and transmissions of STD’, self-esteem issues etc. It is so important that we talk to our kids about sex. They are exposed to it everyday via TV, the Newspaper, in School and it’s not something that is going to go away. I ask you to share this information with other parents so we can all start to be a little more informed about the life of our Teens.



Today I have been captivated by the Goldman Sachs hearings. As I type this the echo of the hearings are streaming via CNN and  echo in the background. As a parent of a child in Public School, an employee in Education and a Taxpayer I must admit I am mortified and disgusted. Not for the reasons you may think. The fact that some of these stockbrokers and CEO’s can admit they have no regret about their actions, the fact they collected $9 million dollar bonuses as people lost their homes and jobs are a given. These are not the things that trouble me, what troubles me are the similarities between the structure, bureaucracy, and downfall of the financial system and the Education System. Replace CEO’s with Principals, Replace Brokers with Teachers/Parents, Replace Profits and Losses with Students. See why I’m worried? The thing that worries me the most is the lack of accountability. I have always likened raising a child to having stock depending on how much you invest in it and nurture it the better the return will be. Who is to blame when our kids don’t learn? How is it acceptable that Principals profit and earn big bonuses when their schools are failing? You have schools that are boasting about sending kids to community college.. Really? Is that all we can offer our kids? What does that say about why they are not competitive, why they have no interest in school.? Why their SAT scores are in the toilet? How can we expect our kids to succeed when we put people in charge of their education to ensure they fail? Where is the moral and ethical responsibility? Where and how do we begin to bring reform to our children’s schools and take responsibility for their Education? Do you really know your child’s teacher or principal? As the chairman repeatedly accused the Goldman Sachs CEO’s of doing was selling “junk”. To a certain degree that’s how I feel about the quality of education in some schools. You have teachers that are just working to earn Tenure and they know they are doing a crappy job. You have principals that allow this, they need to protect themselves so they can also get tenure and bonuses. It’s not fair.  If you are a taxpayer in NYC you have a right to know what teachers, principals and administrators earn at your child’s expense. Here is a site where you can check http://www.seethroughny.net/Payrolls/EmployeeSearch/tabid/69/Default.aspx

Here is another site to get an inside look in NYC schools http://gothamschools.org/ and speak with other parents a great source of information is http://www.edwize.org/

Also remember you have a right to know who is teaching your child, stop by their schools unannounced, check on them in classes, observe what goes on in the halls, talk to your children. Don’t always take the teachers word. We are all accountable and we all have a responsibility to the future of America. There will be more to come on this topic. I encourage people to comment especially from other states, I can only attest to some of the goings on in NYC.


This weekend has been quite interesting to say the least. I made a new friend but I have also been looking for a new place to live. If you have ever had to look for an apartment in New York I’m sure you understand where I am coming from. I am literally at my wits end. Why is it so expensive?I am not sure where I will end up given what I can afford but I’m still looking. Wish me luck!


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